LEED ConsultingLEED Documentation
We provide LEED project consulting, documentation and energy modeling services.

LEED Submission Review
With considerable experience in the certification process, we will consult with project teams to review their LEED submission before sending it to USGBC.

LEED Feasibility Analysis
We can determine the level of certification that your project can achieve, and provide a credit-by-credit analysis to help determine the level of certification.

Energy Modeling
Métier teams up with energy modelers to optimize building energy performance and provide payback information for energy-saving measures, allowing the team to make smart energy decisions and adhere to the project budget.

LEED Construction Credit Monitoring
We offer monitoring your project during construction to ensure that all the targeted construction phase credits are earned.

Métier specializes in the preparation of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that include all programming requirements written as comprehensively and clearly as possible to minimize ambiguity.

Base Master Planning Services
We prepare base master plans that address comprehensive facility and infrastructure requirements of bases. Our services also include evaluation of existing assets to identify the quality, condition and overall land use. The master plans articulate a long-term vision and acquisition strategies to support future development.

Design Services
We provide project design and documentation of buildings, working in design-build teams, meeting the deliverables per the requirements of US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and General Services Administration (GSA).

SUSTAINABILITY PLANNING Metier guides local governments, campuses, and organizations to develop sustainability plans that address land-use, infrastructure and services. The plan provides a framework that ties together communities’ and organizations’ goals, strategies, implementation plans and metrics form improving sustainability.